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E&A Council for Disabled Water Skiing (TC) shall be composed of a minimum of three members and a maximum seven, not including an athlete's representative. The number of members of a council will be determined by the Congress; TC has seven members. Only Federations directly engaged in the specific division shall be entitled to propose candidates for Council or vote. The elections take place in the even numbered years at the E&A Election Congress which is usually held on the first weekend of February.

The members of the Council for Disabled skiers shall elect from among themselves their:

Any vacancy in the role of President, Secretary, Treasurer or Admincom member at any time will be filled by a further election and will be valid until the next election meeting.

The importance of having an active athlete on a Council cannot be stressed too strongly. They are valuable members of a team that must understand that the athlete is on the Council for the benefit of the sport as a whole while representing the views of all involved athletes. Serving Officers are eligible for re-election. New candidates for election must be proposed by their own Federation. Retiring members may stand for re-election at their own choice. All Federations shall be informed of the list of candidates at the same time as the Congress Agenda is circulated. A person may not stand for election for more than one Divisional Council.

Dany DeBakker


Mobile: +32 486 296 662


Responsibilities: Scorer Qualifications & Exams, Records, CAS, Medals, Voting Powers, Homologation Fees

Ivar Fosse


Mobile: +47 902 14 000


Responsibilities: Rules, Judges Qualifications & Exams

Paul Airey

Mobile: +44 7966 156693 


Responsibilities: Ranking List, Website, Facebook, CAS, Results, EMS, Factors, Scoring Software

Carmen Ferrer Bosch

Mobile: +34 686 928 997


Responsibilities: Seminar, Officials, International Hall of Fame

Heidi Brenna


Mobile: +47 938 52 904


Responsibilities: Website, Facebook

Philippe Turchet

Mobile: +33 6 59 544350


Responsibilities: Archives, Promotion, Coaching

Dario Rossi

Mobile: +39 328 360 5565


Responsibilities: Safety, Technical matters

Christophe Fasel

Skiers representative

Mobile: +41 77 412 59 46


Responsibilities: Homologation, Technical matters, Promotion, Coaching, Seminar